Keyword Research Training and Tools

The following are the keyword research training and tools which we recommend.

A working knowledge of keyword research and search optimization is vital for any Internet Marketing endeavor. Generally speaking, the more one has studied and practiced in the field of keyword research, the faster and simpler it becomes.

An asterisk (*) has been placed by the most highly recommended resources.

Keyword Research Tools and Training

The following keyword research tools are providing along with training, both in the subject of keyword research itself, and in the use of the tools provided.

* Keyword Elite 2.0 – This is the most highly recommended Keyword Research Tools. It also comes with over 40 hours of video training, and access to a members forum. One time payment.

* Web 2.0 Mayhem – Includes Keyword Research Tools as well as a full set of link building and SEO tools. Also includes a complete training program, videos, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions for an entire traffic generation strategy from start to end (including but not limited to keyword research). Paid monthly.

Niche Profit Classroom – Includes a special keyword research tool to help find long-tail keywords which can be used to generate traffic to newer blogs and websites which have not yet built up size, age, or authority. Paid monthly.

Wordtracker – Online keyword research tool which includes training. Paid monthly, after free trial.

Traffic Travis – There is a free version and a paid upgrade.  Includes keyword research tools, SEO tools, and five-part mini training course.

Training and eBooks on Keyword Research and Related Aspects of SEO

* Free eBook by Brad Callen: SEO Made Easy – Free eBook with all of the Basics on Search Engine Optimization, including basics on Keyword Research. Free of charge.

* Keyword Research 101 from Pot Pie Girl – Very good basic information on keyword research, with additional approaches not available in other texts on the subject. This book is very beginner-friendly but also enlightening to experienced internet marketers. One time payment.

* The Master Plan by Charles Heflin – On intermediate to advanced onsite and offsite SEO (including keyword research information). Includes important information on basic principals which hold true through any fluctuation of search engine algorithms. One time payment.

SEO Mindset – Hard copy book on long-term strategies for getting and keeping top search engine rankings.

Search Marketing Elite – A membership site which offers 40+ hours of training videos, software, a forum, and website reviews.

Free Keyword Research Tools

* Google Keyword Tool

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO 20/20 Keyword Suggestion Tool

Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery Free Keyword Research Tool


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