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What to do about Computer Viruses

There are many ways in which a virus can infect your PC. But regardless of whether it is a harmful virus or an annoying “practical joke,” it is dangerous to let one loose on your system, and it should be dealt with immediately. Whether you are connected to the Internet or not, it is safest […]

Computer Viruses and Antivirus Software

Before understanding what a computer virus is, it is necessary to understand what a virus in when it occurs in a living form (such as a human body, an animal, or a plant). A virus is a small organism that is only able to reproduce itself within another living cell or body. It is typically […]

What are Computer Viruses?

In modern times, most people are aware to one degree or another of computer viruses. But exactly what are computer viruses? Viruses are essentially computer programs written to cause harm and damage your computer. Viruses have the ability to open normal programs, files or documents, and copy themselves or parts of themselves into them.

What are Macro Viruses?

One way of covertly introducing viruses into a computer is through the use of a MACRO. A macro consists of several instructions grouped together which then carry out a series of instructions. Macros are normally very useful tools, that make working with computer programs easier.

What are Email Viruses?

An email virus is a virus that is distributed through the use of emails, most frequently as an attachment to an email. When the unsuspecting recipient opens the attachment to the email, the virus is released onto his or her computer. Most email viruses consist of a macro virus that enters the address book on […]

Features to Look for When Buying Antivirus Software

Before buying antivirus software, there are several factors to look at; in order to ensure that you get the best possible protection for yourself, your family, your business, and your computer. To make an informed choice when selecting computer security and antivirus software, it helps to know a bit about computers and what threats there […]