Reviews of Antivirus Software

Some of the common Antivirus programs are as follows:

Whereas Norton and McAffee are some of more well known antivirus programs, they are not necessarily the best. They tend to take up a lot of your computer power, and sometimes cause problems running other programs.

When I had Norton Internet Security (which includes Norton Antivirus) installed on my computer, I noticed that the program took up A LOT of memory; running several processes at all times on my computer, and slowing the shut-down process. At one point the “System Restore” function of my computer did not work and it was only remedied by removing Norton! I often got messages from my Norton Anti-Virus, which I could not understand or figure out. The program asked me to make choices which I didn’t understand.

McAffee created problems on one computer I had, where it would not allow the wireless Internet connection to work, no matter what I did. When I tried to uninstall McAffee, it was almost impossible, and it took me weeks to figure out a round-about method of getting it off my computer. On another computer I had, I also could not get McAffee uninstalled, and it continued to send me pop-up messages for years (much to my annoyance)!

Kaspersky Antivirus, has done a great job.  It detects viruses missed by others, and most noticeably, does not slow my computer down or cause trouble like the others do.  Kaspersky is definitely my recommendation.

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