Email Marketing

(See Also: Aweber, GetResponse, and Aweber Free Trial.)

While it is simple and free to allow people to subscribe to your blog, it is even more valuable to have your own email list and subscription service.

This allows you to build up lists of subscribers whom you can email whenever you want. There are numerous possibilities with such a service, such as the following:

  1. Allow your visitors and subscribers to sign up for your website or company newsletter, and send it to them via email.

  2. Create an series of emails with tips or training, and allow you website visitors to sign up for it as a free course. In this way, you can add more names to your list. You can use this email service to build up trust, create an interest in your own products, and get repeat traffic to your websites.

  3. Offer a series of emails to customers after they have received one of your products or services. Use this series to educate them on how to use your product or service to their best advantage. Where applicable, you can also recommend follow-up services or products which will complement their earlier purchase.

  4. Offer a free gift (such as a digital download) to newsletter subscribers, and then follow it up as per #2 or #3 above.

  5. Send important news or updates to subscribers, which you want to keep separate from your blog,

  6. Inform subscribers of new events, updates, contests, celebrations, etc.

  7. Maintain different lists of subscribers for different purposes and send them tailor-made email series

  8. The list goes on and on …

Probably the most reputable and reliable company for this purpose is Aweber. This service is used by some of the most professional Internet Marketers online, as well as small businesses and large businesses alike.

Aweber will host all of your email lists, allow you to send emails to your contacts and customize your settings, and it also helps you to ensure you are compliant with anti-spam laws and other related regulations. You can also customize your emails with special formatting, banners, branding, and more. This is an extremely affordable service and very professional.

If you would like to try out this service for free, you can do so at this link.

Another very popular email marketing and subscription service which is also used by many professionals is GetResponse. This company is a competitor of Aweber and might be worth looking into as well.

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